Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 Hello, I am glad you have found my little site visit the web page associated with this as well.  https://exoticsandpersians.wixsite.com/mysite

We had 5 kittens from our fall litters and I am keeping the Calico named Potion.  You can email me for details, but to forewarn you I have 8 folks on my waitlist currently, so unless they decide to pass on one of these kittens it will be next year sometime before we have more babies.  I will know of the following kitten who is available by this coming Friday at which point they will be available to other folks.  I also at this time am not accepting more names on the waitlist.  

Email for pricing and future plans. exoticsandpersians@gmail.com

Casper Male ESH White copper eyes




Salem Female Persian Black Smoke

Potion ESH Calico and her beautiful 1/2 sister Salem Black Smoke Persian


Potion and Salem


Hocus Pocus Red and White Persian Male ESH


Hocus Pocus

Magic Cream male EXOTIC Shorthair



Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 PBJ is looking for a home. 4.5 years old.   Please email or call for details.  $400 exoticsandpersians@gmail.com

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Prue and Pill box

 Prue and Pillbox are nearly identiacal Exotic SHorthairs.  Both are females, both have a very small smudge of charcoal on their foreheads, which will likely disapear as they age.  Both will have copper colored eyes like their dad.  I am keeping Pillbox but Prue will be available. I have picked pictures highlighting Prue, so look at the kitten that is mostly looking at the camera, which is Prue.  

These kittens are eating solids, using a litter box.  They are now 6 weeks old, and will get vaccinated and health checked on June 2nd.    I expect them to be ready to leave by June 5th that weekend.  However I will reevaluate closer to that date.  They just need to grow a little more to become a bit more solid.  

Waitlist will be contacted now and given first option.  I expect these kittens to be taken by one of the waitlisters.  I have 3 other litters planned for arriving the end of July.  Email for pricing or availability.  Most new waitlisters can expect to wait until next year unless we get record numbers of kittens born this year.  ExoticsandPersians@gmail.com

Prue and Pill Box


Pill BoxPrue 

Prue and Pillbox


Tiffany had 3 little beauties all Girls This is Phoebe

 Phoebe, Prue, and Pillbox

Phoebe is a black and white Persian female

Phoebe Persian Female


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Marilyn and Meow female kittens

 Both white Persian Females with a copper eye.  


Marilyn and Meow

Marilyn and Meow




Vanilla and Ice

 Vanilla is a beautiful white Persian, Exotic Long Hair.  He will have Copper eyes.  

Ice is a Tabby and White Exotic Shorthair.  He will have Copper Eyes. 





ICE, Vanilla, Meow, and top Marilyn